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If you’re feeling isolated, chances are your spouse is, too.

Take the first step to reconnecting with them, even if it’s just a small gesture.

You see, growing up as a child, I was always taught that marriage was bliss.

That was true for sometime, but only at the beginning. We couldn’t agree on vacation destinations, home improvements or the color of our towels. there isn’t much to say as it didn’t seem to exist anymore.

Many of us never expect to be lonely in marriage, hoping that our spouse will be the lifelong companion who saves us from loneliness.

Over time, however, couples can gradually disconnect from one another and find themselves feeling isolated and withdrawn.

I know from personal and unfortunate experience that there is nothing more unsatisfying than being in a marriage that host lost that spark and magic.

The good news is, we live in a new world where virtually every person can obtain satisfaction outside their marriage.

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