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Inputs may be materials, labour, energy, and capital equipment.

More than its expertise in the field, what sets NSJBI apart is its sincere passion in fulfilling its mission and vision through well thought-out projects that are sure to impress.

Another interesting aspect of NSJBI developments is that each one provides more than just a secure home through the integration of unique facilities for its sports and wellness condominium.

“The rise of Victoria Sports Tower in Quezon City sees the company transitioning to offer more lifestyle-centric projects that greatly appeal to today’s more discerning market.

So we are truly doubling our efforts right now to show that we are really serious about this endeavor,” says Germar.

He’s also elated with the growth that NSJBI has been enjoying this year. We have seen the progress of our many developments during this year.

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Processes can have a significant impact on the performance of a business, and process improvement can improve a firm's competitiveness.

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