Dating a girl with an eating disorder

She began working out more frequently — and dieting, something she'd never done.

Its sad to know I can't come home today and give you a hug and thank you for being the best mom three little girls could've asked for.

"Then I wrote a Facebook post, it got hundreds of likes, it said 'I’m going to have to stop playing gigs for a while, I have to recover.' I was crying when I wrote it, feeling so relieved to have this out in the open."Kalanick told her, "We're going to do this together," she remembers, and he's been good to his word.

She's gained that 30 pounts back and is now a healthy weight.

"At that age, he didn't know how to handle what I was going through," she says.

"I needed a mother, not a boyfriend." (Jay did not respond to a request for comment.)After about two years of dating, the pair broke up in the summer of 2016.

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