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In such cases it is possible that a multi-byte character will be split over two chunks.At best this might result in the loss of a character and at worst cause the entire conversion to fail.The caller is responsible for deleting the returned object. Creates a QText Encoder with a specified flags to encode chunks of Unicode data as data.The caller is responsible for deleting the returned object. Subclasses of QText Codec must reimplement this function.QText Codec subclasses must reimplement this function.

If the codec cannot be detected from the content provided, default Codec is returned. Converts the first number of characters from the input array from Unicode to the encoding of the subclass, and returns the result in a QByte Array.

Standard aliases for codecs can be found in the IANA character-sets encoding file. Call QText Codec::codec For Name() to obtain the QText Codec for the name. Note that in these cases the codec's name will be "System". Returns 0 if no codec matching the name name could be found. Searches all installed QText Codec objects and returns the one which best matches name; the match is case-insensitive.

The list may contain many mentions of the same codec if the codec has aliases. Returns 0 if no codec matching the name name could be found. Tries to detect the encoding of the provided snippet ba by using the BOM (Byte Order Mark) and returns a QText Codec instance that is capable of decoding the text to unicode.

It returns the MIBenum (see IANA character-sets encoding file for more information).

It is important that each QText Codec subclass returns the correct unique value for this function.

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state can be 0, in which case the conversion is stateless and default conversion rules should be used.

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