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She treats the root of the problem and not the symptom.

Her wealth of diet and nutrition knowledge carries over to animals as well since food sources for dogs are as equally poor in nutrients as their human counterparts.

She ended up rescuing dogs from euthanasia by always adopting from local shelters.

Her knowledge and understanding of dogs stems from her innate ability to “speak dog” dating back to her early childhood days.

He went on to adopt 2 more additional dogs over the next few years.

After that he felt comfortable being able to finally express his passion and love towards all breeds after having overcome the asthma issue.

At the age of 32, he decided to go out on a limb and adopt his first dog with the hopes that his asthma would subside eventually.

Although he suffered for the first few months, he was able to build up enough antibodies in his system naturally to become immune to dog dander with no side effects and not needing to partake in allergy treatments.

Zoe, our seven-year-old pooch lived in a home with a very aggressive mini-pit and he bullied her constantly.

Derek’s story is a bit different as he grew up with dog and cat related asthma allergies and had to limit exposure to all animals as a result.

He always loved being around animals but his health condition would not allow him to do so.

As professional dog obedience trainers, we can help you overcome the following dog mis-behaviors: Aggression Barking Biting Chewing Digging Jumping Housebreaking Obsessive Behaviors Separation anxiety Sibling rivalry And more!

For Derek and Lissette Anovick animal welfare of all living creatures with a specific focus on dogs has been a passion throughout their entire life.

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Everyone in the neighborhood would ask Lissette for assistance with any training or behavioral issues since she was so in tune with animals since the age of 5.

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