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Michael Shannon delivers intimidating levels of concentrated chill to his portrayal of Richard Kuklinski, the real-life contract killer who kept his murderous decades-spanning career a secret from his family.Ray Liotta’s appearance as Kuklinski’s ringleader boss Roy is unsurprising but appropriate – the man does criminal sleaze so very well. His part sounds like a rather small one — “Carrell’s accountant, whom he fires.” I’d be willing to bet that’s the entire extent of the role.

I hope everyone survived while the blog was away, as I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you great readers out in the dark, devoid of any movies to declare feast or famine.

I found his character to be one of the better aspects of the film; he’s a free-wheeling, smooth-talking, laid back guy who will run you over with his truck and do it with a smile on his face.

The film obviously belongs to Shannon, whose stern face is perfect for the role of Kuklinski.

The film begins with Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) on a date with Deborah (Winona Ryder); he’s asked her out many times, reluctance finally overcoming her.

The two of them share a somewhat awkward but intimate conversation at the dinner.

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The film, which is based on Anthony Bruno‘s , is also set to star Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, and David Schwimmer, and will begin production next month.

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