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Brandon Lee was slated to play the lead in an action film called 'Simon Says' after he wrapped up filming with 'The Crow', but due to his tragic death, the script for 'Simon Says' was shelved and was later retooled into what would become 'Die Hard 3'. Are there any episodes that you want to cleanse with fire? "Wouldn't it be way creepier if Youtube actually knew who you were deep-down, beneath all the lies you tell yourself, and recommend videos based on that?Game Heroes/Handsome Tom, besides having a fitting name his enthusiasm and energy really come through his videos. -Naxuul What I love about that site is finding peeps who you've never seen before.Some of the more obscure ones, particularly on the Blistered Thumbs part don't really appeal to me but everyone else is fantastic.Mind I guess the CA of the future will have much worse stuff to review with all the amateur Internet films out there.DO NOT upload or link to the latest DHX/Hasbro leaks You may discuss the leaks in the forums in appropriate threads, but links to the actual files or uploads of their contents will be met with an immediate ban.Nostalgia Critic, because he started it and he has the most well developed stage personality of them.

Favorites: Without reservation, I can list Nostalgia Critic and Chick, Cinema Snob, Jesu Otaku, Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Jew Wario, The Psychotaku, Obscuras Lupa and Phelous. The former, the older I get the more I don't like being told 'You're wrong/dumb/ugly for liking something! Obviously the Nostalgia Critic himself, Nostalgia Chick is also up there as more brainy, less vicious distaff counterpart.

Are there any particular episodes that stand out for you that you re-watch from time to time? Everyone else has variable quality on their stuff, ups and downs, but JO and Todd are consistently good. Jesus, can I just save everyone time and answer the Distressed Watcher right now?

My favorites are probably Jesu Otaku and Todd in the Shadows.

Obscurus Lupus, because she really loves the things she reviews and she takes so much glee in them.

Film Brain, because besides being very cute he's also pretty good at dissecting what makes the movies he reviews bad and he and I have fairly similar tastes I find(plus he reviews a lot of stuff the other reviewers don't touch.

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