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Why were you opposed to a reunion then as opposed to now? My bass player Marty O' Brien and I had been invited to perform a Motörhead song at a party for Lemmy, which was about a week before his passing. I don't want to remember him like that, because that's not the Lemmy I knew. My father was this little British gentleman dressed nice with slicked back hair and spoke with a thick cockney accent. He would get jars and jars of pills and cocaine on a daily basis. The punch in the eye on the airplane was the first actual hit I took from him.

Joan got on the phone and instantly I wanted to hang up. Grunge was in full force — no one cared about the Runaways back then — they didn't want to hear about it. You wrote about several other famous musicians who recently died, like Lemmy Kilmister who cowrote one of your biggest songs "Can't Catch Me" after a drug-fueled night at the Rainbow. He waited for a place where I couldn't get away. I thought maybe it was the drugs, maybe he took something that would make him fly off the handle and once the drugs wore off it would be okay.

He did it again and that's when I took all my stuff and the ring he gave me and went to a pawn shop.

You're back working with some of your pals from the Eighties on your new album, , one of the the biggest albums of 2015.

That's about the time she left the music industry to raise her sons on the remote British island territory Turks and Caicos, about 600 miles southeast of Miami., Ford explains how a ubiquitous Grammy-nominated artist went from rocking out with Joan Jett in the Runaways and duetting with Ozzy Osbourne on a Top 10 hit to utter isolation.

The 57-year-old singer/guitarist is reveling in all her favorite things these days, even 1997 hits.

Jackie was one person I'd hang out with because the other girls didn't want to be around her.

I would room with her and got to know her pretty well.

I wanted to play it and that's what I went by. The only people that accepted me as a musician was other musicians.

I never thought, "Oh, I'm not a dude and chicks don't do this." A lot of people in the industry thought it was wrong and didn't want to accept the fact they were producing a female artist. They would think, "If she can do it then I can do it." They'd come back a few years later and say, "Do you still need a guitarist? Mostly in the earlier stages of my solo career, during my first solo album, . People like Edward Van Halen, Billy Sheehan — true musicians like them accepted me.

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I went to my mother and said I had a friend who'd been hit by her boyfriend.

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