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In general, I prefer to call a new girl when I have 3 numbers at the same time, from 3 new girls.That way, I’ll call three lovely women and I’m sure that I’ll wind up with at least one little date among the three. She’s a girl who isn’t stable, call the other girls AND go out and meet women.The explanation is in , and also, to see if she’s really worth the trouble.I’ll talk to her long enough to see whether this girl has something interesting in her, something that makes me want to know her better, and that proves to me that this isn’t a desperate and pathetic woman. You’re going to call her to amplify and solidify the interest that she feels for you. So stop stressing and complicating your life trying to figure out how to call her and how to behave. Try to call her when YOU feel great, and when you’re in a record-setting mood… The human being is capable of transferring emotions and moods easily and by every means, even by telephone."Otherwise, you dwell on the fact that you aren't together," she said.Having separate lives also prevents couples from forming an unhealthy codependency.When you have so little time together, quite frankly, who cares?

** Tip ** I tell her that the café is near where I live, why doesn’t she meet me at my place, ring the door bell and I’ll come out, that way if she’s late I won’t be sitting around waiting like a little jerk!

You’ll sub-communicate to her that you have an interesting and rewarding social life, and you’re not calling her from a cave hidden in the jungle.

Now here’s a trick that you’ll certainly find very useful.

You know, when a woman gives you her (valid) number, that doesn’t mean she’s going to see you again like some loser guys think… Keep in mind that your telephone call is a question of MUTUAL interest, for you just as much as it is for her!! If you just had an argument with your neighbor who won’t stop annoying you with his idiotic problems, I advise you to go out to put yourself in a better mood before you call your future princess (and punch your neighbor there in the mouth, if it will help.) You also can call her when you’re someplace FUN!

Where you can hear an ambient and happy background, tell her you’re having a wonderful time and life is great…

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