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As an ex-personal shopper and stylist, you can imagine how it kills me not to be able to buy him a pair of beautiful Ferragamo shoes or perfect fit designer jeans because of the metal hardware and giveaway pocket embroidery. I knew my Dad would throw out all previous knowledge of my husband and get something he wouldn’t want, but in my wildest, I would never have guessed a striped vest.In the end he got lovely shirt – simple nice stripes, good colors, and no patterns that you’d find under a microscope. Totally acceptable, except for a three metal snaps on the sleeve (My Dad’s favorite part.) One snap with a gun inlay, one with a star and one simply plain.spent many hours antiquing all over the East coast. All other sexual orientations are totally acceptable to him and had I went down a checklist trying to cover each of these categories I may have learned of this prejudice earlier.Just last month we had a murse off (which he won – picture is at the bottom) Now, this term I may have coined, and if you use it, you owe me royalties. As it turns out he finds Metrosexuals to be a curious bunch. I got him a pair of Kenneth Cole chunky black shoes. The problem was that he is a size 12, and chunky 12’s are pretty, well…Frankenstein-esque.

But this is how I see it: If a gay person fancies me, hits on me and even gets physically close, I take it as flattery. Even if somebody you hate gives you attention by annoying you, it’s still flattery as he sees the need to take out his insecurities on you. Whoever denies this truth is simply lying to himself.Whether they like dick or pussy, their personality is still very human.They being born that way is just them being born to live the life they’re meant to.But relax, this isn’t a serious issue, so to speak.I’m not talking about bromance in the locker room or war veterans who say they love each other.

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