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We come to church to be helped.” This group has always been there. The green group has always been there to some degree. As an international church with its core in the Wasatch front, the church obviously struggles with cultural and international issues. They look at prophets as super humans that talk to God.

I understand excommunications and disciplinary courts for sin are down quite a bit. Jesus threw out the old law that said it was a sin to commit murder and adultery. I think the brethren would prefer is to be in the 60-90 Traditional Mormonism range, and those on either side can be perceived as threats. On the one hand, it commands respect and obedience from followers.Thoba, a black convert, vented to her mother, Julia, about the mistreatment she felt from white members one day at church. They think the church is weak because we’re not more strict or the prophet doesn’t speak directly for God.Her mother said, “Oh, Thoba, the Church is like a big hospital and we are all sick in our own way. I’m not sure it’s any bigger than it ever has been. Julie Rowe and the tent city group appears poised to take a few more. They view scripture as God’s God-breathed handbook for man..Don’t give these crazies on the right any more firepower.They are the dangers to progress in the church and society in general.

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We will likely need to accept views of non-historicity of scripture, especially Book of Mormon. It was easy for us to marginalize those who came out. I expect it to happen, but how long it will take is a big question. I think we have the organizational structure with the belief in modern revelation to help us lead on these issues in the world. If you’re struggling to have empathy on this topic, I highly recommend this eye opening blog post from Amy Mc Phie Allebest.

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